New Plant Life Composted Manure with Organic Matter

Excellent for:

  • Increasing Nutrient Levels In Various Types of Soil
  • Great for use in Lawns, Flower & Vegetable Gardens, Shrubs, Trees & Evergreenss

Directions: New Lawns: Spread 40 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. and mix into top 4 inches of existing soil. Established Lawns: Broadcast 40 lbs. of this product over 10 square feet of existing lawn. Mix well into existing soil. Water immediately. Flower and Vegetable Gardens: Spread or broadcast 40 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. of area blend into top 4 inches of soil. If soil is clay, an equal amount of All American All Purpose Peat would further improve the soils’ condition. Roses: Mix 1 part manure with 3 parts existing soil and place 4 to 6 inches of mixture in bottom of hole. Cover with layer of All American All Purpose Peat, set new plants and finish filling hole with mixture of 1 part All American All Purpose Peat and 1 part existing soil. Shrubs, Trees and Evergreens: Mix 1 part manure to 3 parts All American Top Soil and place 4 to 6 inches of mixture in bottom of hole before setting plant. Position tree, shrub or evergreen, then use same mixture to finish filling hole to proper level. Water plants immediately and refill any area that settles.

Guaranteed Analysis

Ingredients:  Composted Manure, Peat

Total Nitrogen: 0.5%

Water Soluble Nitrogen:  -1%

Water Insoluble Nitrogen: -4%

Ingredients – Composted Manure, Peat
Total Nitrogen (N) 0.5%
Water Soluble Nitrogen -1%
Water Insoluble Nitrogen -4%