New Plant Life Mushroom Compost with Organic Matter

Excellent for:

  • Increasing Nutrient Levels In Various Types of Soil
  • Great for use in Lawns, Flower & Vegetable Gardens, Shrubs, Trees & Evergreens


New Lawn:

Spread a layer of Mushroom Compost three inches deep over area to be sodded or seeded and till to a depth of six inches.   Established



Top dress in Spring and Fall with approximately 1/4″ of Mushroom Compost.   Flower and Vegetable Gardens: Spread Mushroom Compost two to three inches deep over garden and till to a depth of six inches prior to planting.   Shrubs, Trees and Evergreens: Mix one part Mushroom Compost and one part existing soil. Increase to two parts of Mushroom Compost to one part All American Top Soil if existing soil is poor.

  • Lawn Seeding, Gardening, & Landscaping
  • Great for use in Lawns, Flower & Vegetable Gardens, Shrubs Trees & Evergreens



Top Dressing & Reseeding Existing Lawns: Use All American Top Soil right from the bag and spread evenly. After broadcasting seeds, cover lightly with additional top soil, spreading evenly 1/2 to 1/4 inch deep. Shrubs, Trees, and Evergreens: All American Top Soil can be used straight from the bag for planting all outdoor plants. However a better planting medium is obtained when mixing 1 part All American Composted Manure, 1 part All American All Purpose Peat and 2 parts All American Top Soil. Using this mixture place 4 to 6 inches in bottom of hole. Position tree, shrub or evergreen, then use same mixture to finish filling hole to proper level. Water plants immediately and refill any area that settles.