All American Garden Soil for Flowers & Vegetables

Excellent for:

  • A Superior Growing Media for Flowers & Vegetables:
  • Composted materials, sphagnum peat moss, a wetting agent and enriched with a slow release fertilizer (14-14-14)
  • Helps build strong roots and improve soil aeration and drainage

All American Garden Soil is made from all natural soils and natural amendments that feed plants for up to three months, giving natural benefits to vegetables, perennials, annuals and herbs. It is the perfect blend for all in ground flower and garden beds.

Ingredients:   This soil is formulated regionally from materials sourced from one or more of the following : Canadian sphagnum peat moss, processed pine bark, composted forest products and/or composted rice hulls, reed-sedge peat, ground dolomitic limestone (pH adjuster) and fertilizer. Product may vary slightly from region to region.

In Georgia:  This product may contain 65-75% processed pine bark, Canadian sphagnum peat moss, composted forest products, limestone and fertilizer.

Guaranteed Analysis .05-.01-.03

Total Nitrogen (N):  05%
Available Phosphate:  06%
Potash:  03%